IMG_0798My journey into the vast knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda began in 2008. After attending my first class, I had a deep feeling that yoga would become an integral part of my life. Quickly, I became hooked on how yoga made me feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Early on, in my yogic journey, I knew that I wanted to share these ancient knowings with others. Having been an elementary education teacher, I already had a passion for teaching.

In April of 2010, I received my 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification at Joyful Yoga, in Bonita Springs, Florida. It was an honor for the next four and a half years to teach numerous classes a week at both Joyful Yoga and Love Yoga, in Naples, Fl. In 2012, I was honored to become a Lululemon Athletica Ambassador of Naples. In October of 2013, I became involved with the Happehatchee Center, in Estero, Fl. Leading yoga classes in this beautiful, natural preserve was an awesome experience. I also organized and taught yoga classes in the community that I lived in. In September 2014 my husband’s job brought us to Mooresville. Shortly after moving to North Carolina, I was fortunate enough to discover Gotta Yoga! I am grateful to be able to share my love for yoga at Gotta Yoga in Mooresville and Cornelius. This year we decided to move to the city. The NoDa community, in Charlotte, had been one that we found ourselves drawn to since we arrived in NC. We are excited to now call it home. NoDa Yoga is a shining example of the amazing NoDa vibe! Spreading love, acceptance, creative energy, and joy to all that enter. It is an honor to practice and teach at NoDa Yoga. I look forward to sharing, learning and making new connections in this yogic community. From a gentle to an advanced vinyasa flow, I am skilled and experienced in teaching a wide range of classes. Recently, I received a Prenatal Yoga Certification.
It has been my privilege to attend workshops and study under some fabulous beings. To name a few, Seane Corn, Kathern Budig, Sadie Nardini, Lisa Bennett Matkin, Rodney, Yee, Colleen Saidman, Aleen Dailey, Alanna Kaivalya, Mas Vidal, Wah!, Sarite Saunders, Marni Task, Julie Kirkpatrick, Lalita Devi, Vraj Devi, and Rolf Gates.
Along with alignment of the physical body, my classes emphasize on the connecting of the breath with the physical movements and postures (asanas). By using humor, creative sequencing and smooth transitions in my classes, I aim to create a space where people feel comfortable. I believe that ultimately yoga should be fun because this is when we reap the benefits. Having experienced how deeply yoga affects both health and emotional challenges, I continue to draw from my own experiences to assist students in finding their most joyful selves. It is my belief that anyone can practice yoga.
When one finds peace and love within the self, then the positive can be spread. Through an asana practice and meditation individuals are empowered to be the mindful observer of the self. We become less judgmental and critical and more loving and open. My hope is for students to experience this on the yoga mat and then to carry it out into the real world, in their actions and reactions. My mission is to encourage the spreading of this love and peace.

Emilie Michael Yoga Teacher in Naples, Florida